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All Aboard!

American Railway Supplies We specialize in Railroad Conductor Hats, Conductor Hat Badges, Custom Conductor Hat Badges, Conductor Punches and Lapel pins for conductors .. Some are in stock with others by special order. In addition we offer selected collectible items.

Please browse our store and order by sending your check with your completed order form.

Collectible Items

Our wide selection of collectible train supplies has a reputation for carrying train collectors and enthusiasts across exciting landscapes.

All Mesh Conductor Hat

All Mesh Conductor Hat

Winter Style Conductor Hat

Winter Style Conductor Hat

Summer Style Conductor Hat

Summer Style Conductor Hat

Collectible Accessories

We promise you'll be happy with our high quality products! Shop our train collectibles and send us an email! We have custom badges and high quality conductor hats. We know a train enthusiast would be thrilled with our products! Call us today!

What is American Railway Supplies?


American Railway Supplies is your online authority for all things railroad. We are an online shop with a wide inventory of genuine railroad paraphernalia. Our railroad supplies include sleek conductor hats and high quality badges. Our selection also includes genuine punches, elegant lapel pins, and more. We don’t stop there, we also offer special collectible items that you won’t find at any other railroad supply store. Our incredible inventory of special railway collectibles make an excellent addition to any railway collection. America Railway Supplies is the top source for all seasoned railway enthusiasts and young children with a budding curiosity for the railroad.


Why should I purchase from American Railway Supplies?


The history of the railway is rich, and in it, you can see the story of how our country was brought together. And now, you can own a piece of that story for yourself or give the gift of history to someone you love. If you enjoy railroads, trains, or the railway, you will love the authentic railway supplies we offer at American Railway Supplies. When you visit our online store, you will find everything imaginable. From customized name badges to unique collectibles you can’t find anywhere else. Everything we offer can be purchased from our easy-to-use online store at prices you love. You can make an order from anywhere at anytime, at the convenience of your computer or mobile device. So what are you waiting for? Order now!

What are the conductor hats made of?

All aboard! Tickets please! Race through the countryside on your very own train as the conductor! These train conductor hats are a great economical costume accessory option for children and adults who absolutely love trains. One-size fits most, unstructured cotton, sturdy and stylish. This is great on its own, but could be even better with the other pins and accessories available in our store!


The hat body and brim are made with a sturdy plastic and the hat is covered with an attractive dark navy blue fabric. The brim is covered with a shiny black vinyl. The black strap on the front of the cap is also a shiny black vinyl and is tacked on with domed metal tacks. The inside hat band is made of a comfortable black cotton. The hat fits loose but not enough that it falls off.


How do the ticket punches work?


This punch makes an “L” shaped hole in the ticket. A conductor's punch cancelled the passenger's ticket stub and also cancelled the main portion of the ticket retained by the conductor. Each conductor had his own punch, which made a specifically shaped hole. The hole shape differed from punch to punch. In this way, if a passenger presented a stub and claimed his ticket had already been taken, a conductor could verify who in fact cancelled the ticket. A railroad conductor on a passenger train was (and is today) the supervising officer of the train and supervisor of the entire train crew. In addition to this supervisory role, the passenger-train conductor serves as the pursar, in charge of seeing to it that all fares are collected.


What are the steam engine lapel pins made of?


A beautiful high quality vintage Steam Engine Hat/Lapel Pin. The hat/Lapel pin is approximately 1" by 1" by .25". This hat/lapel pin is in excellent mint, never been used condition. Satisfaction guaranteed. This hat/lapel pin looks great on lapels, jackets and hats.


What items do you sell?


At American Railway Supplies, we specialize in Railroad Conductor Hats, Conductor Hat Badges, Custom Conductor Hat Badges, Conductor Punches and Lapel pins for conductors .. Some are in stock with others by special order. In addition we offer selected collectible items. We are your number one stop for railway supplies.


How can I purchase?


Please send me an email for your order! We accept payments through checks in the mail after we’ve confirmed your custom order.

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